Its here because I cant be bothered with my own install

The displays arrived

Probably came last week or 2, but I only got up to the mailbox on saturday.

Anyway, I cocked up. I had planned on getting the one I showed before, and also a 3 digit version. I clicked thru and found a seller with the 4 and the 3 digit ones. And then proceeded to buy the wrong size of the 3 digit one.


Ah well, I can always work with that, I was hoping to make 2 rows of 10 digits – by my calculation 12 digits would not fit lengthwise in the case, but as luck would have it too, my calculations were wrong and I can fit 3 of the 4 digit ones end to end. So that leaves what to do with the smaller 3 digit ones. Not going to start another project till this one is complete, I have far too many half finished things already.

Here they are as packed and showing them lit up with a CR2032 on the terminals. Chip is an arduino AVR to show scale of them a bit better. I didnt have a ruler on hand when taking them.

edit: just realized that I never finished this post or uploaded the photos when I came to do the next post, which I will post shortly


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